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After graduating high school, the resources for individuals with Autism provided by the government and local school districts start to dwindle. By the age of 21, the resources available for support are next to none. There is a massive gap in the employment industry for individuals on the spectrum to find meaningful and well-paid work to be financially independent and respectably lead their lives. Most often than not, the individuals do not know where to look for jobs and are dependent on state agencies or school counselors to give them a head start.


Individuals with Autism have strengths and skill sets that are invaluable to any employer. Our neurodivergent population is an asset for a workplace with their keen sense of focus, problem-solving, attention to detail, outside the box thinking, strong work ethic. However, the data shows that either individual are unemployed or underemployed. Most are nervous about going through the interview process, and many discover that the work environment is not set up to be autism-friendly.

At Axoneum, our services are four-fold, emphasizing mindful and healthy interactions and wellness of the individuals:

  1. Connect employers with candidates while maintaining a secure database of shareable talent.
  2. Advocacy, education, and training for individuals, providing resources and recommendations that empower them to be who they are, thus promoting self-advocacy. For employers, we want to educate them on how to support neurodivergent colleagues and develop an autism-friendly workplace.
  3. Life coaching services to parents, diagnosed individuals, individuals transitioning to caregiver’s role and finding resources to help their loved ones. A life coach can be there while you navigate the new reality of your life and help with self-care, a relationship, or just to help find some balance in your daily lives.
  4. Yoga and meditation sessions for children, parents, and individuals.

Employers contact us to connect with our talent pool and partner with us.


Candidates get started here to learn how Axoneum can be a partner to you.


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For Individuals

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Upload Resume

Build your resume with our coaches or import from LinkedIn.

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Share Your Story

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Find A Job

Our repository is updated daily. We are continuously adding partners.

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Post Listings

Categorized job postings with extensive details. Daily updates.

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View Resumes

Advanced search based on selected criteria to find the ideal candidate.

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Custom Toolbox

The RMS allows tagging, sharing, and reviewing of resumes.

We also offer...

Education & Training

for employers, individuals with disabilities, and family members

Life Coaching

services for individuals with disabilities and family members

Yoga & Meditation

sessions for children, parents, and individuals

About Us

Axoneum was formed in 2021 with a motive to be a connector between employers and potential divergent individuals.

Axoneum is a repository of candidates and enables individuals to search and apply for jobs in the location selected. Our system allows employers to create their company profile page, post job openings, and search for candidates.

We are leading the way to promote inclusion, equity, acceptance, and awareness to employers who can tap into talent and possibilities by bringing neurodiversity to the workplace.

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